Papercrafts, Creativity and the Power of Making Things

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watercolor image of ribbons and ornament

I’ve been crafting and making things as long as I can remember and I’ll bet you have too – remember macaroni glued to paper plates? We’ve come a long way in supplies, technique and design inspiration since then, huh? Now we have sophisticated tools and supplies to work with and an endless supply of ideas from the internet but I believe the urge to create – to make – is the same.

It’s that desire to make something that didn’t exist, to beautify our home, to gladden someone’s day, to create that I want to honor and encourage.

It’s a form of magic to make something and it doesn’t matter if you started with a kit or a pile of random assorted things; you added the energy of creativity with your mind, your heart and your hands. The end result has power and life. So, take a moment to think of the many things, both small and large, you’ve created and congratulate yourself. Well Done!



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