Digital Collage Cards – Personal Art Created from Digital Ephemera

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Last Stop to Crazytown

Party Time in Crazytown

Burn Crazytown

These three digital papercraft cards ( 5 x 7) are the result of my trip to Crazytown with some family matters over the holiday (better now, thanks!) They’re created entirely from stock images collected and compiled digitally. I thought you might like to have a peek at how a personal project like this evolves.

I started with a collection of images that resonated with me from backgrounds to large and small images. I piled them all into a Photoshop file called Crazytownbase and just looked them over. I started with 35 separate images and used most of them as well as adding some that I created myself like the rivet and the splatter.

For each card I chose an image to be the main idea for that card. (The skull and bone in the first card, Last Stop, are from PopStock Images) and started with that to settle the “feel” of each card. Having decided on a vertical format, I set up the card with the inner ground at 4×6 surrounded by the white frame at 5 x 7 so I could place the elements to overlap the frame.

The cracked earth background really appealed to me but the color was wrong so I changed it to black and white from the original tan. To help unify the cards, I used it in each one. Then, I started to choose the secondary and accent images to support the theme image. From here, it’s a process of trial and error as I added, subtracted and moved the other elements to find a strong composition. The stapled paper scraps give the card a layered feel. The title paper strip is anchored by a custom constructed rivet. Once the layout is good, it’s time to tweak the layers and effects for the right “look.”

On each card, the main image has an unearthly green background glow and I took care to tie the cards together by using the same or similar elements (like the scrolls, splatters, flames, etc.) The splatters on the scroll and heart are enhanced with a drop shadow and glow so they look more dimensional. The paper scraps have drop shadows to make them pop off the page. Finally, the title and card number are in the same shade of red on all three cards and a distressed font. I purposely limited the color choices across the cards to help tie them together.

From here, I could print these out and use them as large artist cards, frame them, or mount them on chipboard to display on small easels. Or, they could stay safely locked away in the digital world!

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into the process. Questions or thoughts? Leave them in the comments or drop me a note – I’d love to hear from you!

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