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Hello and Welcome!



If you’ve just arrived here from MonetteSattefield.com, you’ve found the new, and much larger, home for altered digital art.

The response to the offerings  on my art site was fantastic and I could see that it was going to outgrow the one section devoted to it there. So, I made the decision to start a new site devoted to the combination of digital and traditional paper arts.

I don’t believe you have to choose traditional or digital – DigitalPapercrafts.com is about the intersection of those two worlds and how to live happily in both spaces.

Why not paint with pixels and images- then print it out to finish with your favorite real world paper and techniques. Or, start with paper and bring it into the digital world to embellish in the way that you can only do with digital.

There’s no one “right” way!

Come along into the space between paper and pixels and find the ideas, help and inspiration you need to make your own creative collision.

Where to start?

  • You can check out the Shop – newly expanded with more features and products,
  • Find out more with our How To sections – learn about getting started in digital art,
  • Learn about the nuts and bolts of Digital at the FAQ page,
  • Read about the latest news and updates and don’t forget to sign up to be the first to know about new posts,
  • and, send us a note, ask a question, or let us know what you think- we’d love to hear from you!