Getting Started with Digital Stamps: Paperwork Stamps

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DIgital Paperwork Stamp on Page


Learn how to get started with DigitalPapercrafts Paperwork stamps.

Here’s a free digital Paperwork stamp for you to practice with.

Digtal Papercraft Free Stamp

Click to open a new window, right click to “save as.”

Download the file to your computer by clicking on the image to open in a new window, and then right click to “save as.” Choose an easy to find location like the desktop to save to.


Open your word processing or email program with a new document or message. (These instructions apply generally to Microsoft Word and Outlook programs as well as similar software but exact keystrokes may not me the same due to different versions.)

Choose “Insert Picture” from the editing choices and choose the stamp file to insert. The image should appear in the document where the cursor is placed.

Select the image and choose “Format” or “Format Image” form the menu choices and set the text wrapping function to “In Front of Text” to float the image on top of the text.

Select the stamp image, resize it if necessary and drag it to the position you prefer, angling it slightly to appear to be physically stamped on the page.

DIgital Paperwork Stamp on Page

Save your document or send your message.

You’re Brilliant!


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